Say hello to Summer ☀️

With just one week of uni left (how am I already at the end of my 2nd year?!) and 4 more exams to go, the topic of the moment is: summer plans, of course!

I have tons of friends going to exciting places: au pairing in Spain, backpacking South East Asia, Camp America, volunteering projects or even starting placements in Australia. It’s so nice to be at a uni that encourages us to travel so much. Even non-languages students have access to incredible placement opportunities all across the globe. I think having a year abroad to explore, discover and learn a little bit more about the real world and the opportunities available is just the perfect mid-degree break. I have absolutely no clue what I want to do with my life after uni, but I’m pretty sure that spending a year living alone in some incredible countries will change that.

My year abroad starts in just 10 days and the first destination is a pretty adventurous one to say the least: PERU! I’ll be volunteering and travelling (and hopefully improving my Spanish) with my friend Vicki. I’ll be blogging all about my Peruvian adventures for 2 whole months come June 3rd, so I won’t bore you now…

Although Peru will be an incredible experience, it definitely won’t be a relaxing break. Volunteering is hard work, it’s winter when we visit and we won’t be living a life of luxury (although the fact that we have hot showers and some form of internet connection is a HUGE improvement to my previous Latin American experiences). It made me realise that my entire year of travels has been, and will continue to be, jam packed with non-stop action:

Val Thorens = Skiing, partying, eating ALL the french cheese.
Italy = 5am wakeup calls EVERY DAY to go sightseeing.
Peru = Volunteering, hiking, avoiding rabid llamas.
Russia = Don’t even get me started…
New Zealand = Visiting Poppa Manju’s new abode.

Seeing my year written out like that gets me SUPER excited, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time it makes me realise how fast paced it’s all going to be! So today, I decided to satisfy my craving for a relaxing beach holiday and I booked the perfect (and final) destination to complete my 2014 travel itinerary… Cyprus!

It’s the classic ‘British tourist’ holiday. I’m talking buffet style food, €1 buses into town, evening pub quizzes… you know the kind. And as cultured as we all try to be, no-one can resist a good, old Brit holiday. The last time I remember going anywhere like this was when I was 10, and my family paid a visit to Salou in Spain. It wasn’t the ideal choice for my ‘rents as they prefer a little more sightsee and a little less gypsy (that’s a terrible attempt at a rhyme, I know) But me? I was loving it. Building sandcastles, lying by the pool, swimming in the sea, snorkelling, playing sports, reading books: everyone needs a holiday like this occasionally and so, 10 years later, I’ve decided the time has come around again!

I can’t explain how excited I am for the next 15 months, it’ll be the journey of a lifetime, but first I’ve just got to get through the last week of being a 2nd year uni student. Then I can celebrate with the best people in the world at our uni ball and  pack my backpack ready to begin stage 1 of the adventure – Summer!

‘A little bit of summer’s what the whole year’s all about’ – John Mayer

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