The adventure begins!

After a long month of (seemingly endless) exams, planning and filling forms in; my third year abroad has officially begun. I’m excited and nervous and I know that there’ll be some days when I’m covered in mosquito bites, trying to deal with the altitude sickness and wishing that I was at home catching up on Made In Chelsea but I also know that it’s gonna be the year of a lifetime and most days are gona be filled with new adventures and new friends. First stop… Peru.

Before I begin, I’d like you all to bear in mind that I’m blogging from a tiny screen with absolutely no idea how to adjust the layout! So basically, these posts might look a bit rubbish for 2 months, but I’ll fill them with pictures and video links when I’m home (This will never actually happen – I’m far too lazy). Until then don’t forget to check my Instagram for visual updates of my adventures.

So me and my dear pal Vicki, who you’ll be pretty familiar with at the end of these 2 months, have been travelling for 30 hours (London/São Paolo/Lima/Cusco) and haven’t killed each other yet… GREAT START.

In fact, Vicki has been providing hours of entertainment pointing out (so-called) attractive latin american men. I always think she has questionable taste, but I didn’t quite have the heart to stop her from shouting ‘DILF’ across a silent plane.

On first impression, Cusco is incredible. We’ve already met so many friendly backpackers and volunteers alike and the house that we’re staying in is beautiful. For me the view is what makes it; miles and miles of mountains and clear blue skies. Vicki, however, is more excited by the presence of a cat…

We’re gonna get some much needed sleep now and wake up tomorrow ready to explore for a few days before starting work on Monday. Stay tuned.

¡Hasta luego!


Cusco rooftops

‘You’ve lived in Madrid? Your italian must be good then! – Victoria Innes, Spanish student

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