Making progress

Life in Cusco is fantastic. I’ve made new friends, eaten yummy food and explored so much already! But today was an especially great day and here’s why…

1) We started our placement at this adorable school right on the outskirts of Cusco. It’s so bright and colourful and all the kids are super cute and respectful of us: being called profesora instead of gringa (like in Ecuador) is definitely a good start! Bring on the next 6 weeks 😊


School playground


Outside of the school

2) I watched ‘Pretty Woman’ for the first time ever! Despite staying in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and shopping on Rodeo Drive a few years ago, I’d never had chance to watch THE film that everyone always refers to when in this part of LA. And so there I was, nustled in the Andes mountains watching it on a tiny TV screen with english subtitles, who’d have thought it?

3) I ate a HUGE burger and chips and a HUGE stack of pancakes all for the equivalent of about £5; I’m really gonna miss these prices!

4) I dealt with a spider in a calm manner… I definitely don’t have a problem with bugs as I’ve seen my fair share of them on my travels but spiders can sometimes freak me out (Queue the Costa Rican scorpion spider…) When we were in the living room, one of the girls saw a spider on the wall. Upon closer inspection, I realised that I’d seen MUCH worse and seeing as I was probably the least scared person in the room I grabbed a mug and some newspaper and did the deed (the spider may have lost a leg in the process but I tried to keep things as humane as possible). Anyway, I was pretty chuffed that I’d finally learnt the difference between a spider and a SCARY run-for-your-life kinda spider. Good work, Tara.

5) I went to my first Peruvian salsa class 💃 I learnt some salsa in Costa Rica and actually managed to get pretty good, but that was a long time ago and my skills have well and truly disappeared… oops. So after throwing myself into a more advanced session, I realised it was probably best to re-learn the basic steps again before I tried anything too fancy. Still, I’m determined to be a dancing diva by the time I leave in 6 weeks.
Watch this space!

We’ve got a jam packed week of adventures: working at the school every morning and then cramming our afternoons with festivals, trips to markets, museums and hikes etc. This weekend we’re also heading to Lake Titicaca, so stay tuned, there’s so many more exciting things to come! Plus, I’ll keep you updated on my (potentially terrible) salsa skills.

¡Ciao for now!20140611-133532-48932791.jpg

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