Shopping time!

It’s funny that just 24 hours ago we were making extensive budget plans for our last 3 weeks here in Cusco and messaging our (wonderfully helpful) parents for a small loan to cover basic food costs but yet we somehow still thought that spending a day shopping would be a sensible idea… Oh well, no regrets! Read all about our trip to Písac market…

After breakfast, we headed off on our walk to find the right bus stop. Being avid eaters, me and Vicks decided that one breakfast just wouldn’t be enough so we decided to stop at a crêpe place on the way. We arrived to a mound of rubble and building work and soon realised that our dreams of nutella drizzled pancakes and bananas would never be a reality, so to numb the pain we resorted to our trusty, regular cafe: The Meeting Place.

We ordered chai tea, banana muffins and an avocado, ham and egg croissant whilst chatting to an american family next to us. There was a mom, dad and 3 young children: quite a surprising thing in Cusco seeing as it’s mainly filled with twenty-something travellers or older couples. We talked about our journeys, the places we’ve been and our future plans before they said their goodbyes to us and we carried on munching our food. But here’s the thing… 30 minutes later, we go to pay our bill and our server tells us that it’s already been covered by the American family.

I can’t express how much gratitude me and Vicki felt, we were so touched! We embraced, squealed and jumped up and down – humans CAN be wonderful! All we can say is thank you, and wherever you are in the world, oh kind American family, I hope that good karma finds you! What a brilliant start to the day.

So with extra money in our pockets, we headed into the depths of Cusco in hope of finding our bus stop. We walked for about 20 minutes in search of a road called ‘Calle Puputi’. Turns out there are no road names in that part of town but after probing some shopkeepers we finally discovered the colectivo garage.

A colectivo is a van that waits until it’s full capacity before departing, which can be a bit annoying time-wise but the prices tend to be good. So, after paying 4 soles and spending 2 hours sleeping on the person next to me/drooling on my top, we reached Písac.


Back streets of Pisa

We quickly found the markets and they really were as good as other people had said they would be! Ten times bigger than Cusco markets with way more variety. It’s also a lot easier to bargain, I just named my price and they said yes! I stocked up on gifts for my family and even spoilt myself with some jewellery.


Insane colours

After spending all our money, we wanted to find somewhere to relax before catching another colectivo home. We stumbled upon the coolest hostel/smoothie place and ordered drinks (after casually observing their work conditions of course – too many people get ill off juice and smoothies here, we’re being cautious!). Vicki wasn’t so sure about her mango and avocado concoction but I was more than satisfied with my banana passionfruit juice. Yummmm.


Smoothie date


Cool hostel

Although not our most exciting adventure here in Peru, I still thought it was worth a post for the amazing colours, gifts and tourist-hotspot value. So, it’s yet another place to add to your Peru bucket list if you happen to be planning a visit – Písac. Plus, if you’re into ruins there’s a whole load of hiking to be done in the Sacred Valley (of course me and Vicks were too lazy) and you can even take a taxi to the nearby animal sanctuary or another local town – so many options!

More blog posts to come! So many adventures but so little Wi-Fi (first world problems, I know!)

Hasta luego amigos ✌️

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