Well this may have been a pretty mellow summer for me; I only took 6 aeroplane journeys instead of the usual 16, ha! Although, that’s not to say my love for travel has diminished in any way. In fact, I’m just preparing myself for the biggest adventure yet: my year abroad! With just 3 weeks until I move to Russia (eeeek!), I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic about all my past adventures and I decided to find a way to organise all the little mementos I’ve kept over the years.


I bought this suitcase style storage box covered in maps and globes for £7 from TK Maxx (not a bargain by any means but still totally worth it in my opinion!) and I’m going to fill it with the things I’ve collected on my travels over the years. Hopefully one day it’ll be full to the brim with memories!


There are so many more bits and pieces to sort through: old plane tickets, souvenirs, hotel key cards etc. etc., but even just looking through what I’ve found so far is making me super excited to begin my next journey and even more grateful for the life that I live and the incredible things I’ve already experienced.


I hope this inspires a few more of you to de-clutter your travel memorabilia – plus it’s a great way to avoid all your other responsibilities (cough, visa applications, cough, packing, cough, buying plane tickets, cough) 😉

I should probably get started on preparations for this manic year, but I’m definitely a last-minute kinda gal so maybe I’ll just procrastinate a bit more and worry about it some other time…. Stay tuned for more blog posts about the rest of my summer adventures.

✌️ and ❤️, Tara

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