So my friend Vicki (you remember her as my Peruvian travel buddy, yes?) has offered me a chance to escape the real world and join her in Paris for a few days. It’s an offer I find hard to resist but is spending money on Eurostar trains and gallavanting around Paris before I’ve even packed and budgeted for Russia really the most sensible thing to do?

To hell with sensible!
I’m so stressed with visas, converting money and planning flights around other people’s schedules that I’m beginning to lose my love for summer (as well as the will to live!) and after turning down a few days in Madrid with my dear pals, Leonie and Jemma, it just seems stupid to let another travel opportunity slip through my fingers. Plus, it’s hard to disagree with Audrey Hepburn’s flawless advice: Paris is always a good idea.

Let’s go.

Oh and check out Vicki’s icredible Paris blog here, she’ll probably kill me for doing this but it’s too good not to share: victoriainnes.wordpress.com

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