Girly Getaway

It’s late (as always), but here’s my blog post about the glorious 7 days that I spent in CYPRUS! Just a few days after I arrived home from Peru, I re-equipped myself with my passport, an array of bikinis and one of my best friends – ready to enjoy some relaxation and downtime.

IMG_2983 IMG_2951 IMG_2895 IMG_3130


This holiday totally completed my summer and gave me a small taste of peace amongst an otherwise very hectic schedule. The perfect girly getaway indeed.

So here’s the story…

After spending too long in Birmingham Airport’s Wetherspoons, we found ourselves frantically running down flights of stairs and along corridors to make our flight on time. Luckily, Thomson doesn’t really take ‘on time’ very seriously and despite being late we still ended up sitting on the plane for about 1 hour due to delays… I’m not complaining about the delays, I’m just complaining that we rushed our FOOD for that…  NO, seriously.

All minor complaints aside, we arrived at our hotel just after midnight and were greeted with champagne and a buffet of yummy treats – Brilliant! The hotel was TOTALLY different from any other hotel that I’ve ever stayed in. Aimed mainly at over 50’s and couples the Atlantica Golden Beach near Paphos was definitely an unusual experience for us – two 20 year old females. That’s not to say we didn’t like it… We LOVED it.

By night

By night

By day

By day

We had plenty of time for sunbathing, or in Minnie’s case; shade bathing (#paleskinprobz). But we managed to jam pack our days full of exciting adventures too. Here are the highlights:

1) Coral Bay

We took a €1 bus, 15 minutes down the road from our hotel, to a beach called Coral Bay. We decided to spend time at the quieter section of the beach, and it definitely paid off. Despite Minnie somehow managing to burn in the shade with gallons of factor 50 on her delicate irish skin, we had plenty of seaside fun. Of course we managed to stop for a healthy lunch of chips before swimming in the sea and strolling along the sand. Pure bliss!

Sutton Girls 4ever

Sutton Girls 4ever

Wishing I was a mermaid

Wishing I was a mermaid

2) Segway tours

We believed it would be a great idea to book the ‘Early Morning’ segway sightseeing tour around Paphos, nevertheless when the alarm rang at 6.30am we were having second thoughts. That said, it was totally worth the effort in the end. Segways are ridiculously fun and the tour guides made sure we were totally comfortable and prepared before we embarked on our adventure. We saw Paphos Castle, the ruins of ancient amphitheatres and churches and some gorgeous sea views. It was the perfect way to feel like we’d embraced some of the culture and history, without walking around for hours in the boiling heat with a boring guidebook.


Ancient Baths


Paphos Castle


Super smiley segway pic



3) Paphos Zoo and Catamaran

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Paphos zoo, because number 1) I’m not a huge fan of zoo’s, full stop and number 2) it was far too hot but the reason why it makes my highlights list is purely because of the bat caves. I have NEVER ever seen a bat so up close and personal before – they are fascinatingly weird. We must have stared at them for approximately 40 minutes before we decided it was time to call it a day. So solely because of the bat, I would recommend a visit. Everything else can be bypassed. Afterwards, we were taken down to the docks to embark on our catamaran and sail away to the Blue Lagoon. It was a really gorgeous, relaxing trip and we had so much fun swimming and snorkelling in the sea – a must do!

Snorkel time

Snorkel time


Blue Lagoon

4) Water sports

One day we were too lazy to leave the hotel but didn’t want to waste an entire 24 hours lying by the pool doing nothing. The only other option – water sports! After meeting a creepy rep called Alex (who gave us his number and told us to swing by ‘The Old Fish Tavern’ later that evening for some drinks –  instead we spent the night in our pyjamas singing cabaret music on our balcony), we decided to partake in some parasailing. It was fairly cheap and something that neither of us had done before, so it seemed like an obvious choice. We had so much fun gliding around that we went straight back for something a little bit more extreme. Our choice was essentially a giant sea sofa attached to a speed boat with a few tassels to hold onto. I have never in my life been so scared and so excited at the same time and despite neither of us falling off we still came back drenched – 10/10.

Ready for take off

Ready for take off

We're soarin', flyin'

We’re soarin’, flyin’

Thinking about this day actually makes me emotional. This year I have skied down a mountain at night with my best friends, thrown a coin into the Trevi Fountain and hiked the inca steps of Machu Picchu – yet the day we spent at Fasouri Waterpark tops every single one of those! I’m a sucker for the simple things in life, and I tell you now that there is nothing more satisfying than dominating the children’s play area and drowning vulnerable 2 year olds and unsuspecting Dad’s in huge buckets of water that you’re tipping on them from above, sliding backwards down a waterslide over and over and over again until you get a non-blurry picture on your waterproof camera or having a spontaneous polaroid photo shoot with a small russian child. This day was insanely good, and if I could relive it then I would. It’s proof that you don’t have to do anything super fancy to have an incredible time – waterparks are holy gifts from the Gods so find your nearest one and ENJOY.


Our Kingdom

Takeshi's Castle?

Takeshi’s Castle?

Me and my minion

Me and my minion

My greeting at the end of the slide

My greeting at the end of the slide

FInding my inner lobster

FInding my inner lobster

World class photographer

World class photographer

Overall, I would not have wanted to spend a week anywhere else on earth with any other person. Laughter, sunshine, adventures, good food and plenty of singing and dancing seems to be my recipe for happiness. So here’s my advice for you: scan for cheap flights, pack your bags, grab your friends and head to Cyprus asap! You won’t regret it!


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