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This is one of those posts where I write about every-day life things. So if you’re just here for the travel information then keep on scrolling but if you fancy knowing a bit about what’s going on in my brain today then, please, be my guest…

Recently I’ve had a few enquiries as to why my blog goes from public to private so often. Well, quite frankly, the answer is that I am just a very indecisive person. Some days I’m happy to share what I’m up to and get really excited about other people reading what I have to say but then, all of a sudden, I have an existential crisis and think ‘Wait… why am I blogging instead of just living?’ or ‘Noone really needs to read this stuff’. So, yeah, that kind of explains it. I’m leaning more towards the idea of making this permanently public seeing as my dream job in the creative/business world requires embracing all things technology (photos, videos, HTML, graphics), so why not start now? At the same time, I never want to feel like I have to maintain an ‘image’ on here. I want to be as real as possible – not worrying about if all my photos are the right size with matching filters or if my grammar is 100% perfect.

Apart from Instagram, which I spend hours scrolling through, I’m not really a social media mogul. I rarely share things on Facebook, I don’t use Twitter or Snapchat… I don’t even have LinkedIn (which seems to be quite controversial in this graduate stage of life). Yet, the one thing that I always have time for is journalling, which is what made me realise this blog is definitely worth maintaining. So, that’s the conclusion. The blog is here to stay! (She says as she sets it back to private – I’m a lost cause)

In other news, I made the decision a month or so ago to go vegan. I can already feel people zoning out… there’s something about the word ‘vegan’ that is just so taboo, which is why I’m not really a fan of all the labelling (we all eat, why does it matter WHAT we eat?). How about this…. I made the decision a month ago to give up animal-based products. Is that slightly less offensive? Ok, great. So, why did I make the change? Well, a few of you know, I’ve been dabbling with the idea for a while and have always tended to lean more towards a vegetarian diet due to my upbringing and my parents’ eating habits, so I thought; why not fully commit? It’s not a trend or something that I’m doing for health reasons (the amount of Oreos that I consume is definitely proof of that) – it’s just because it feels right for me. That said, dairy has been such a vital part of my life for the last 20-odd years that veganism seemed a little bit out of my comfort zone. I’ve even had vegan friends in the past that I’ve mocked or rolled my eyes at and thought ‘I’d never do that’ but, at the time, I wasn’t really aware of the problems surrounding animal agriculture.

I watched some documentaries, met some inspiring people whilst travelling and did my research and realised that, for someone who screams and shouts about climate change and being good to the planet, I wasn’t really doing as much as I could to solve the problem. So, I’ve embraced the plant-based way of life and, so far, I’m loving it. Of course, there are tons of other pressing things to worry about that aren’t animal agriculture – you could still eat meat and do your bit for the planet! For me it’s just about eating guilt-free – I’m attempting to balance out my ‘non-stop-travel’ carbon footprint and luckily my body seems to be a fan (queue clearer skin and 10x more energy) – my parents are on board and we’re all getting to grips with new restaurants and recipes together. I know that it’s not for everyone though (I think the world needs vegans, veggies and meat eaters to keep things in balance) so I’m not gonna start preaching just yet, don’t worry. Unfortunately, my decision hasn’t been met with a positive response from everyone. It’s weird how a change in diet can be so isolating – people assume you don’t want to go to restaurants with them or can be apprehensive about including you in group meals. Plus, people love to make jokes and comments without realising that it can be really disheartening. I know that I own leather shoes and that I’ve consumed meat in the past but that’s no reason not to start fresh now. I’m determined to stick this out – change up some of my habits and really make an effort. So, if my travel posts start including where to find the best vegan food in said city then atleast now you understand what’s brought on this change!

Aaaaand to wrap this post up: It’s my final semester at university, which means that I’m spending more time than ever staring at library walls. Reading 17 books and regurgitating them in a way that doesn’t breach the rules of plagiarism is getting boring now – I’m itching to crack on with projects that I have the freedom to take control over. The end feels so close and I’m determined to push through and not be consumed by negativity – it will all be worth it in the end! In true Tara-style, however, I haven’t let final year put a dampener on my travel plans. There’s still a ton of trips to look forward to… let’s just hope they don’t cost me my degree, eh? 😉

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