The best beach of the bunch

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca was easily my favourite beach of them all – hippy vibes, baby turtles and friendly locals gave this place the perfect vibe – 10/10 from me! It also happened to be our final beach destination of the trip – mannnn, I couldn’t think of a better way to have ended those lazy days by the sea.

After a long night bus from San Cristobal to Puerto Escondido, we were desperate to get to our hostel and freshen up. Problem was, our hostel hadn’t given us very good directions from the bus station and we ended up walking around in circles in the mid-day sun with our heavy backpacks – not ideal. This is such a common scenario when backpacking – I’ve been yelled at by travel companions before for ‘not looking up the directions properly in advance’ but sometimes it just slips your mind, especially with the lack of internet connectivity. That said, this was the first time on this trip that we had a major struggle to locate our accommodation. Alice and Abbie didn’t blame me for a lack of preparation either (thanks gals) but, instead, started looking for road signs and asking locals for directions. Eventually, we made it! Team work makes the dream work!

Our hostel was called ‘Casa Losodeli’ and was in a great location for getting around town. One of the hostel staff members, Thales, turned out to be one of our friends that we met in Roatán, Honduras – crazy how small the backpacker world is sometimes! Thales was super helpful and gave us so many tips about how to get the most out of our 3 days in Puerto. There were some things we weren’t able to see because of the time that we chose to visit (it wasn’t the season for whale watching and it wasn’t the right moon phase to see the bioluminescence) but we still managed to have the most amazing time!


Hostel pool

The best way to tell you guys about our time in Puerto Escondido is to bullet point each beach that we visited. A beach a day keeps the bad vibes away…

  • Playa Bacocho

Every day at 5pm, there is a baby turtle release at Playa Bacocho. It’s a conservation program that aims to help dozens of these little critters reach the ocean safely and they allow tourists to be be part of the experience. It’s all completely free unless you want to hold one of the baby turtles in a little coconut shell and take them to the release point yourself (which costs MX$50 and is considered to be a donation).

We arrived a bit too early and had an hour or two to kill beforehand, so we decided to grab some food from a beachside restaurant. Although it was delicious, the service was so slow that we almost missed the turtle release a.k.a the whole reason we came to the beach! Luckily, we still caught the best bits and it was magical ✨🐢 Although, it was a bit stressful when crabs would try to drag the baby turtles into their holes (they eat them apparently) but the turtles won every time, which was a massive relief.


Food with a view

We spent the rest of the evening watching the sunset on the beach, climbing rock formations and doing cartwheels and handstands on the sand. This was definitely the moment that I started to fall in love with Puerto Escondido…


On top of the woooooorld (on top of a 5m high rock)


‘Guys, go walk towards the ocean, it’ll look artsy I promise’


Sunset from the hotel we snuck into in Playa Bacocho

  • La Punta

The next day we took a taxi to La Punta – a super hippy beach town with the best vibes in the world, ever. The beach itself was gorgeous and is great for surfers but the little town is amazing too. It has cute restaurants, healthy smoothie stands, chilled-out hostels and there’s a man that drives around in his truck all day selling oranges and shouting the prices through a megaphone. There were also a million and one vegan options (even vegan chocolate and ice cream was on sale!).


No odies, no envidies, se feliz. Be happy, bby ✌️


Surf schools everywhere


La Punta is so freakin’ coooooool


Backpacker hostels right by the beach


I’ve Instagrammed this picture, it’s the cover photo of this blog post and now here it is again…. 🙄 Feeeelin’ myself.


The perfect set up


Yoga by the sea

Alice and I went for lunch whilst Abbie stayed to top up her tan (our usual group dynamics!). There had been a power cut in town so there was no hot food or anything that needed to be blended like smoothies or milkshakes. We settled on fruit salads and they were the BIGGEST fruit salads we had ever seen! It was also the first time that I’d ever tried starfruit and, at first I thought it was delicious but then after eating about 12 pieces the sour-ness of it started to cause my mouth to freeze over. I think it’s safe to say that there is such a thing as too much starfruit! The owners of this restaurant were so friendly and cool – we ended up staying for way too long and forgot that we’d left Abbie on the beach. Oops.


Way too much starfruit!




Me – ‘Can we call ourselves las 3 empanadas VEGANAS???’ Alice and Abbie – ‘No’

To conclude, I’d definitely recommend staying in this area if you’re a backpacker, especially if you want to do nothing but relax – it’s a super zen place. I didn’t want to leave!

  • Playa Zicatela

We also visited Playa Zicatela, which is one of the most famous surf beaches in Puerto. Apparently they have massive waves sometimes but when we were there they were pretty mellow. We got drinks at a bar – super salty micheladas – and watched the sunset. The only observation that we have to address about Zicatela is that EVERYONE we met was a DJ – specifically of electronic music. Why, oh WHY, is this so popular here?! We were approached by so many guys asking us to come to their set – clearly this is the place to be if you want to meet a ton of Mexican guys whilst listening to crap music… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t discriminate against other music tastes, I mean, I expect people to love me despite my Taylor Swift obsession, so why is this any different? Oh yeah, because electronic music is rubbish and Tay Tay is AWESOME. -Inhales deeply- aaaaaand back to the blog…


Asking lifeguards if we could steal their shade


The prettiest skies

  • Playa Carizalillo

On our final day in Puerto we considered going back to La Punta and renting surfboards but when someone told us we could stand-up paddle board at Playa Carizalillo, we changed our minds. Considering we’d been surfing a few times, we thought we’d try something different so we walked down to the beach and got geared up! Firstly, let me just tell you how beautiful the walk to this beach is; the views are amazing!


In the sunshine


Almost time for sunset

The beach is much smaller than any of the others we’ve visited and it feels super private because it’s in a little cove.




Shaka braaaaaa


My favourite picture in the world

The water is a lot calmer here too but we still struggled to stay upright on our stand-up paddle boards. It’s funny because you can’t see any waves in the pictures yet we were so unstable – useless! Alice made a brilliant collage of us falling off which I’ll include below:




Relaxing after a long day paddle boarding

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much as I did this day and it was the perfect way to say goodbye to our beach days – we just have 2 cities left to explore now! Our tans will fade eventually but the memories we made here sure won’t – hahahahahaha, no, that is too cringey even for me. I’ll try and play it cool now…. peace out, Puerto. You da best 👊

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